Divorce / Parenting Plans

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  • Child Support Calculations
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Divorce and child custody is a difficult time for all involved.  During this time you need someone who the experience to help you get through it.  There are many laws and many aspects to understand and at a time like this experience is even more important. 

There are many things to be considered during a divorce, including, but not limited to:

  • Maintenance (alimony) / Spouse Support
  • Assets / Division of Property
  • Child Custody / Child Support

Montana has a no-fault divorce law.  This means that there does not have to be a specific reason to end the marriage, which in legal terms in Montana is the "dissolution of marriage."  It also means that if one spouse wants to divorce, the other spouse cannot stop it.  In order for the court to grant the divorce, it must be determined that there are irreconcilable differences.

Assets will be divided equitably.  This does not mean equally.  It just means that they will be divided fairly and as determined through negotiations between the spouses.  The Court's will determine, if necessary, how property is actually divided.  This applies to debt also.

When minor child(ren) are involved a Parenting Plan must be submitted to the court and must contain several provisions.  Child support is based on the income of the parents.  Insurance, medical expenses, and child care are also considered when determining support.  Parenting Plans and child support can be complex and must ensure the needs and best interests of the child(ren) are taken into consideration.



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